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FutureLAB Edmonton: Building Resilience + Adaptive Strategy

  • Edmonton, AB Canada (map)

A 2-day creative + applied strategic foresight intensive focused on resilience and adaptive strategy.


You need high quality intelligence about your changing landscape to make informed decisions. The world is exceptionally complex and volatile, and the future is uncertain and ambigous.  We face unprecedented and sustained change. Societal values are both progressing and regressing with deep economic and political implications. Technology is sweeping away the old order with radical transparency and openness as it both liberates and restricts. In a wild world, governance, leadership, strategy and policy call for a different mindset. In this wild world strategic foresight provides you with a framework to anticipate your changing business landscape and adapt to future developments. This is particularly helpful where innovation is badly needed.


Are you an innovation minded professional? Strategic foresight is the starting point to the innovation process. In our complex and uncertain world, Strategic foresight anticipates future landscapes with high resolution imagination about changing societal, technological, ecological, economic dynamics and evolving points of view. Strategic foresight matters because it should inform important strategic decisions relating to business model design, changing services or products, risk management, strategic planning and policy development. 

In this practical 2-day intensive workshop, you will learn about and apply essential foresight methods, including: trend identification, influence mapping, critical uncertainty development, two-by-two scenario modelling, strategic risks, prototyping, business model generation, and implication finding

The workshop prepares participants to apply essential foresight methods in their strategy, policy, business planning and service or product development work. 


Sufficient Theory, Lots of Tools and Methods: Starting with a case study and armed with relevant theory, participants will apply tools and methods in a closely facilitated small group. Case studies will be designed based on the participants and their interests. Possible case studies could include: The future of... urban innovations, rural Alberta, healthcare, energy,  retail banking, and Alberta's next economy. 


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This will be a creative and inspiring workshop. The workshop is designed for those who wish to apply strategic foresight in their daily jobs. Participants should be ready to apply both strong logical analysis and weaker abductive and creative thinking. 


Location: TBD, near downtown Edmonton. The venue will be intimate and reflective. 
Food: A light breakfast, coffee and healthy+local lunch will be provided.
Workshop leader: Jonathan Veale, Principal.
Cost: $450.00 plus tax. Early registration is $385.00 plus tax with payment before December 1.
Course Size: 10-15 participants


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