FutureLAB Edmonton: Applied Strategic Foresight for Innovation

FutureLAB Edmonton: Applied Strategic Foresight for Innovation


Are you an innovation minded professional? Strategic foresight is the starting point to the innovation process. In our complex and uncertain world, Strategic foresight anticipates future landscapes with high resolution imagination about changing societal, technological, ecological, economic dynamics and evolving points of view. Strategic foresight matters because it should inform important strategic decisions relating to business model design, changing services or products, risk management, strategic planning and policy development.  In this practical 2-day intensive workshop, you will learn about and apply essential foresight methods, including: trend identification, influence mapping, critical uncertainty development, two-by-two scenario modelling, strategic risks and implication finding. The workshop prepares participants to apply essential foresight methods in their strategy, policy, business planning and service or product development work. 

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