NEW PATTERN is a dream in the making...

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NEW PATTERN: A dream in the making...

As a young person, I was always drawn to topographic maps. When I look at a map, I can see the world in three dimensions, it jumps off the paper and I hover over a landscape of choices. I see alternative destinations, easier and challenging routes, hazards, short-cuts and exciting places to explore.

Later I would learn navigation as a reservist. I learned to find my location, direction and speed using observation and skill. I trained to get lost and un-lost and how to help others find their way using re-sectioning and triangulations. 

Life has a great deal in common with cartography— we are provided with choices, alternative futures, constant change, risks & rewards, and the privilege of exploration. 

I still navigate using maps, but I also help organizations find their way in a complex landscape. I help others see patterns of change, disruption, critical choices and alternative scenarios. 

My creative approach is to work with people to understand what is probable while encouraging them to consider what is possible. I pair deep logical research with intuitive and engaging exercises. 

For me, I see myself as a futuristic interpreter of what is possible in a wild and uncertain landscape.

-Jonathan Veale, Principal


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